State of the City

2020 Annual Report

Note: Last year’s annual report was titled the 2020 Annual Report, but it reflected accomplishments in 2019. We are changing the way we title the reports for clarity to reflect the year they cover.

Mayor Anne McEnery-Ogle

Message from the Mayor

To the great people of Vancouver –

2020 was a year unlike any other. It will be remembered for a worldwide pandemic, an economic recession, and civil unrest. Many have experienced extraordinary hardship and loss. Each of us was compelled to change how we work, how we connect with our family and friends, and how we live our lives.

In a year when everything changed, the City of Vancouver leaned into the challenge and got creative in how we responded. We reimagined operations and focused on adapting and evolving to effectively serve our residents while protecting the health of our employees and the community. We affirmed our commitment to racial equity and justice and acted on that promise. And despite the unimaginable challenges of last year, we were able to continue to move priority projects and initiatives forward for the community.

I am pleased to present this City of Vancouver 2020 Annual Report. This report highlights accomplishments of 2020 and the city’s ability to respond to quickly emerging needs in serving the community safely and efficiently.

As we continue to rise from the crises of 2020, we are heading in the right direction and there are many reasons for hope. Vancouver will progress as a stronger, healthier, and more just community as we continue on this exceptional journey to evolve from a residential suburb into an inclusive, livable, world-class riverfront city.

Sincere thanks go to all our community members for your amazing strength, resilience and compassion. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for being part of what makes Vancouver a special and caring community.

I look forward to what we will make happen together in 2021.

Mayor Anne McEnery-Ogle