Affordable Housing Fund

Vancouver voters approved creation of the seven-year Affordable Housing Fund (AHF) in 2016. This property tax levy is capped at $6 million per year. The revenue is used to buy, build and preserve low-income rental housing and support rental assistance and housing programs that help prevent or address homelessness.

How Was the Revenue Spent in 2020?*

Housing Production: $4,550,000 (248 units)

Housing Preservation: $1,615,000 (76 units)

Homelessness Prevention Programs: $1,500,000 (277 households)

Shelters: $456,412 (66 beds)

Administration: $277,696

*The revenue spent came from taxes collected in 2020 and in previous years.

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AHF-funded housing projects currently under construction


Total number of AHF-funded housing units being rented in 2020


Number of AHF-funded housing units being rented to people who were previously homeless


New AHF-funded shelter beds


Number of people who received AHF-funded rental assistance